Energizing Our Economy by Resolving Real Estate Debt

About Us

Our Why

In 2005, David Moceri began purchasing real estate in Las Vegas. He purchased investment properties as well as private residences. Soon after, the Great Recession hit the Las Vegas real estate market hard and home prices plummeted. Investors lost money and families lost their homes. During the crisis, he became aware that a few lucky homeowners were able to reach agreements with their banks to short sell, refinance, or even modify their mortgage loans. Unfortunately, too many banks were unwilling to work with homeowners and began foreclosing on homes faster than they could resell them. Vacant houses with boarded windows and unkept lawns lowered home values across communities, causing more homeowners to lose faith in the system and go into default. This process snowballed, causing the recession to grow deeper and last longer than was necessary. David strongly believes that had financial institutions made greater efforts to keep homeowners in their homes and resell vacant properties more quickly at lower prices, the nation  could have avoided the artificial deflation of the housing market. Based on what he learned from the Great Recession, he now feels compelled to do what he can to reasonably manage real estate debt for those who encounter challenges in homeownership. For that reason he founded Veneration Capital.

What We Do

Veneration Capital is a private capital investment business that specializes in nonperforming note investments. A note, sometimes called a promissory note, is a promise to repay a debt. When a borrower is unable to pay the debt the note becomes delinquent, or nonperforming. Veneration Capital purchases non-performing notes, which are secured by real estate, at dramatic discounts. Each note is closely evaluated in order to identify an ideal exit strategy. At Veneration Capital we strive to work closely with the borrower in order to help them resolve their debt issues while maximizing ROI for our investors. 

What's In It For You

Investing in notes can be an exciting, low cost way to get into real estate investing, or diversify your portfolio. Like all investments, note investing involves risk and Veneration Capital does not guarantee returns, but the variety of exit strategies and discounted purchase prices provide ample opportunities to drive ROI. If you are interested in learning more about note investing contact us today.