Investor Info

Why Notes?

Notes provide an ideal opportunity to capitalize on the value of real estate investments while avoiding the typical headaches of being a landlord.

Benefits Of Notes

We can purchase notes at dramatic discounts, providing the opportunity to maximize your investment. Multiple, profitable exit strategies significantly mitigate risk.

Our Focus

We focus on low-cost, nonperforming notes in a few states in the southern US. By limiting our investment scope, we can closely monitor values and market trends.

Commitment to Borrowers

Our first option is almost always to work with the borrower's unique financial situation with the goal of getting the note to reperform. If a solution can not be reached, a forclosure will be initiated.

Commitment to Investors

Our number one priority is to protect investor capital and maximize ROI. As joint venture partners, we maintain regular communications to update investors on the status of every investment.

Next Steps

Identify your personal investing goals and expectations. Contact us via the Contact Us page, email or call 702.350.7389 to discuss opportunities.


Investors must understand that all purchases of secured promissory notes or real property involve significant risk, including but not limited to market risks and risks specific to an individual asset. Investors understand that these investments are NOT insured by the FDIC or by any other Federal Government Agency and are NOT guaranteed by Veneration Capital, LLC. The fluctuations in the value of asset are to be expected and  potential exists for loss of part or ALL of investment capital.